We’re a family of eclectic homeschoolers in Lubbock, Texas, who were active in various roles over many years in the local homeschool community. Our daughter has Asperger’s Syndrome, also known as high-functioning autism or an autism-spectrum disorder (ASD). While she is now in college, we have not lost our love for the homeschool community or our desire to support other homeschoolers. (Discover more about our daughter through her comics about life with autism and alopecia on her website: www.katkibbles.com.)

You’ll find articles on choosing curriculum, finding a homeschool style that fits you, homeschooling high school, asking for accommodations on testing and in college for special needs students, etc.

We’re not perfect homeschoolers, we don’t have one perfect way things ought to be done, or even have all the answers. We’re just fellow homeschool parents like you. We share our experiences in the hopes that you will find something helpful for your family.

Since we’re in Lubbock, we’ve provided lists of groups and resources for Lubbock-area homeschoolers. If you’re local to Lubbock, check out the links below to find places to hook up with other homeschoolers, classes, sports, etc. There’s more in-depth information on other website pages to help you find an IRL support group.

Here are some of the most important links:

Lubbock Homeschool Network Facebook Group
Lubbock Homeschool Network (LHN) is the largest and most active group in the Lubbock area. Join to connect with new friends, ask questions, find out about play dates, skate days, classes, sports, and more. www.facebook.com/groups/LubbockHomeschool

Lubbock Homeschool Network Website
www.lubbockhomeschool.net. Join the Facebook group listed above to find where all the action happens. The website is a reference, not a substitute for joining the group.

Homeschool Law
Info on homeschooling legally in Texas:

Homeschool Support and Activities Groups
Many area groups offer play dates, co-op classes, scheduled activities, and events, etc. Here’s a list of groups and contact info: http://homeschoolingaspies.com/index.php/homeschool-support-and-activities-groups/

Homeschool Sports
LHCAA (www.lhcaa.com) offers swimming, basketball, baseball, football, softball, volleyball, soccer, and more. Daniel Lassiter (spcheatennis@juno.com) offers homeschool tennis and family tennis camps.

Homeschool Lending Library
Browse or borrow curriculum at the Homeschool Lending Library. Browse an online catalog and check out books on the library’s website: www.lubbockhslibrary.info. Find basic info, including directions to the library, at https://www.facebook.com/Lubbock-Homeschool-Lending-Library-1176183145741301/.