Resources for children and adults with autism-spectrum disorders (ASD), including Aspergers

Great videos explaining aspects of Asperger’s/autism:
Ask an Autistic – Neurowonderful by Amythest Schaber:

Asperger Syndrome Grows Up – Recognizing Adults in Today’s Challenging World:–recognizing-adults-in-todays-challenging-world

Real, transformative help and insight created by people who have lived it:

Asperger’s 101 –  Great resource and articles for high-functioning autism & Asperger’s:

Autism community – don’t know how good it is, and news

Autism support network:

Autism society:

Great source of books, talks, videos… and she comes to Lubbock off and on. Kat’s and my hero: Temple Grandin. Look for her videos on YouTube also. Watch the story of her life starring Claire Danes, which won several awards.

Don’t know these folks, just read about them.
Non-Pareil – technical training for adults on the autism spectrum

Memory loss and autism: Are we alone?